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How accurate is your quotation?
At Meza9 we use our experience and expertise to turn round RFQ’s quickly. We are able to produce accurate and competitive quotes, CAD drawings and production scheduling based on manufacturing and installation team availability. All this is based on one set of information, input at the quote stage and confirmed after the survey. We work out the most efficient design solution based on your specific requirements and then produce a quote based on current steel prices.

Is a site survey needed?
Not always, however this service is free and, if you get a dimension wrong, it will have a direct effect on the design and on your quote. A member of our team can visit you to discuss your requirements and carry out a full survey. We will then produce the most effective and efficient design possible from the survey and/or the details you provide to us. We do this because we want you to get the optimum design at the best possible price.

Your mezzanine specification is different from some of your competitors. Why?
You may receive quotes from our competitors that are based on the lowest specification they can get away with. At Meza9 our specification for a floor and any accessories is based on the relevant British Standards. This protects you and all the people actually using the floor on a daily basis.

Does the higher specification of a Meza9 floor cost me a lot more?
No. We are so experienced at working out the most efficient method of production that our prices are still very competitive, giving you the best value quote. And you are safe in the knowledge that the mezzanine you purchase will be fully compliant with all building regulations and safety legislation.

What about planning permission for a mezzanine floor?
Unless prohibited by a condition attached to a previous consent you do not need planning permission as long as the changes are internal. The Government is trying to control the expansion of out-of-town retail developments and has brought in legislation requiring planning permission for floors above 200m2.

Who makes sure the mezzanine design, manufacture and installation is fully compliant with Building Regulations?
We can if you want us to. On many projects, Meza9 take full responsibility for this and ensure that every aspect of the build is fully checked and approved.

I know Meza9 are competitive on small to medium size projects but what about larger mezzanines?
We work out the most efficient design for the floor no matter what size and take current material prices into account. This makes us highly competitive and as a result we have delivered some of the largest mezzanine floors in the UK.

Once the order has been placed, how quickly will my project commence and you arrive on site?
We conduct full site surveys and inspections within 2 working days of the order being placed with Meza9. Having in-house expertise allows us to respond quickly and to ensure we are familiar with site requirements and specific issues surrounding the erection of your mezzanine floors. We can be on site as quickly as two weeks.

How will Meza9 ensure that production and installation runs smoothly?
Each project is co-ordinated and controlled by a project manager so you have a single point of contact for all technical, manufacturing and installation issues.

During the installation, how can I be sure that good health and safety practices are in place?
Installation is carried out through a network of specialist, locally based, teams experienced and qualified in the handling and erection of mezzanine floors. All team members operate to appropriate site safety protocols approved and monitored by our appointed Health and Safety consultant.

I’d really like to understand more about the technicalities of the floors and the processes involved. Can you help?
We are always available to you if you need our advice on any matter relating to your mezzanine floor project. Just call or email us.

Can I get my mezzanine floor financed?
A new mezzanine floor is a capital item and can be treated as such in your accounts. For those looking to fund their investment in a mezzanine we can put you in touch with an independent finance company. They are experienced in funding mezzanine developments and are a company we have worked with in the past, on various sized projects. There may be some grant assistance available to you from local sources such as Business Link. As guidelines vary across the country you need to investigate this yourself. We are however experienced in dealing with private and government funding and can provide all the costing and information back-up you need.

Still have a question?
Please contact us and we will be happy to advise on your query. Full contact details are on our Contact Page on the website.