Types of mezzanine floors

Mezzanines | Stairways | Balustrades

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Warehouse / Distribution


Often designed to take a mezzanine floor at a later date, your high bay industrial unit allows your warehouse to grow with you.

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You can utilise extra roof space in manufacturing buildings to increase production or build smaller platforms around machinery to allow operators easy access/working.

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Office / Storage


Add or increase office and storage space over existing production, warehousing or office space at minimal cost.

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Mezzanine floors are more commonplace in retail environments than ever before. They allow seamless expansion of retail and storage space, particularly in the newer out-of-town locations.

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A mezzanine floor is one of the most cost effective methods an organisation can choose to expand. Ideal for warehousing, production, office or retail solutions. At Meza9 we provide concept, design, construction and installation for mezzanines, stairways and raised walkways.